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Welcome to My World

~ I am based in Hampton Roads with some travel in the Northern, VA area ~

Looking for something warm, welcoming and worthwhile? Well, look no further ...
My Sensual Massage Sessions are more than just a timed or standard business transaction.

Step in, take a seat and let me take your coat and shoes. Tell me about your day or say nothing at all...your indulgence is my pleasure. The environment I offer for your session is saturated with ambiance and elegant simplicity.

The session I offer is nothing short of unforgettable.

Upon entry, you will notice the soft lighting, subtle sounds and clean scents that will surely seduce your senses. Relax. This is your time. I will take care of everything. With unscripted consistency, your session will be great the first time, or fifth.

Familiarity doesn't have to be a bad thing.

A variety of titillating items are available such as an exfoliating skin cloth, smoothing mitt, body brush, and perhaps soft feathers...all at your request/discretion. My long wild mane of naturally curly gypsy hair has also been known to be an erotic and highly favored addition to this long slow tease of your skin...which is done with strong, yet soft hands, graceful , loving strokes and attention to every detail.

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes.
Nothing is left unappreciated.

I adore complete exploration of the human form, and all its secret places of pleasure. Light, deep, slow and sensual, stimulating and erotic...intuition is my ultimate guide to your satisfaction. After a sensual session, I will prepare a warm shower for you complete with mens toiletries and fresh clean linens.

You need not bring a thing except a warm body and an open mind.

My commitment to consistency and genuine concern are evident in my relationships and reviews. If you want to know what makes an experience with me differ from every other provider experience, the answer to that is...Everything.

Simple. Uncomplicated. Satisfying. It is what every experience should be. For the curious, or the convinced...I am only an email away.

~ Hampton Roads, VA ~

175 per 60 minutes

275 per 90 minutes


200 per 60 minutes

/ 300 per 90 minutes

~ Please inquire for longer sessions ~

~ Keep in mind I make my living by what I get and I make my life by what I give ~

Gifts and Tips are always a welcome and appreciated but never asked for nor expected.